Join us in honoring and learning the ultimate martial art,  JEET KUNE DO. 

Individual and Instructor Membership

JKD School Charter Membership

School Membership

Individual and Instructor Membership is $45per year. Here is what you receive.
  • WJKDF Membership Card Authorization to test and receive JKD rank certificates.

  • Free shipping on all merchandise worldwide

  • Your membership saves you over $360dollars!!

Get a Free $100 Life Membership with any DVD Set Order

Membership Membership is $45 per year with membership card. $45 per year Lifetime Membership Membership is $100 never expires with membership card. $100 one time fee JEET KUNE DO MEMBERSHIPS Your membership saves you over $360 dollars in discounts and shipping fees.

membership-card-sample Yearly Membership only $45

membership-card-sample Life Membership only $100


For schools who currently teach Jeet Kune Do, or want to teach with us. The schools Instructor must
join the World Jeet Kune Do Federation as a member.
jeet-kune-d0-charter-certificate-copy-2 School Charter Certification $100

Represent your country in Jeet Kune Do or be recognized by the World
Jeet Kune Do Federation as an Official Association.
jeet-kune-d0-charter-certificate-copy-2 Association Charter Certification $500